Ingrid is a new vision of sheet space structure inspired by freedom and guidance of regular dotted grid and brightness of classic graph paper. Ingrid notebooks are pilot project representing the concept in a simple and practicle way. The grid and the keypoints help you to organize all the notes you’re familiar with. The ruler usefull in many different cases is always at hand.

Ingrid notebooks designed in three main sizes – pocket A6, tablet A5 and album A4. Each one contains grid in one of four classical graph paper colours – orange, green, blue and graphite. You can choose anyone you like more.

Ingrid paper sheets are suitable for daily and quick notes, technical drawning, penciling and even portrayal.

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  • compatible with Dungeoneer stencils
  • 5 mm main grid
  • centimetre numbered and coloured grid
  • center cross-point
  • millymetric ruler on each sheet
  • 50 sheets (face side with grid and clear back side) in notebook
  • 80 gsm white paper
  • 80 g (A6), 150 g (A5) and 300 g (A4) weight
  • spring binding
  • matte transparent plastic front cover
  • matte white cardboard back cover

Moving forward design group GORODKEY continues to make Ingrid more attractive for you and involving in creation of accessories and compatible products.

With Dungeoneer stencil Ingrid notebooks become more suitable for speed construction of dungeon interiors for role-playing sessions in most of the game systems.